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about us

Born in 1950, Paolo Di Mauro tailor’s shop is distinguished by the uniqueness of a tailor-made suit, fine fabrics, attention to details and brand originality. A perfect mix, the result of decade of industry experience, combined with a great passion and the ability to combine ancient art to the new needs of modern man, make this tailor’s shop a point of excellence for men’s fashion.

Thank’s to it sensitive and refined taste for beauty, the maestro Paolo Di Mauro selects for his tailors’ shop only high quality fabrics, with a keen eye for new trends from the world of fashion.

The man dressed by Paolo Di Mauro is refined but contemporary, who likes toh ave a unique style but recognizable.

Every customer is accompanied and advised in the choice of fabrics, cutting and all the special qualities that lead to the perfect suit birth. A great experience in measuring and competent attention paid at the time of the testing, guarantee the perfect fit that every man would expert from a high sartorial dress.

Paolo Di Mauro